Foo dogs

A beautiful pair of “Foo dogs”. Originated in China they actually represent lions and have been referred to as Chinese guardian lions, guardian dogs or stone temple dogs.

Originally made of stone, they were often very large and used outdoors guarding the front of palaces, temples and the homes of important families for hundreds of years.

These impressive statues are greatly symbolic in so many ways; their mouths wide-open as if in mid-roar signifying that the place being guarded was of importance and would undoubtedly be giving pause to anyone entering. It was only more recently that smaller, more portable versions were made.

Foo dogs are meant to be a pair; they are symbolic, protective statues, that have always been created in pairs — one female, the other male. The female holds a puppy and represents yin or a nurturing spirit, and symbolic of protecting the people within, while the male holds a ball, representing yang or the world, protecting the structure or property.

According to feng shui teachings, the correct way to position your dogs would be to have the dogs facing each other with the female with a puppy on the left and male and ball on the right.